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GPU help with a first time gaming rig builder!

Here's my current specs

PSU- Xtreme gear 500W PSU
HDD- 1TB Seagate Barracuda, and a 500GB Western Digital Caviar
OS- Windiws 7 home premium 64-bit

Now, what I want to get (PSU and GPU wise) is listed below

new GPU-
new PSU-

Tell me, with a budget of 400 like i have, would this setup be okay for games like skyrim, BF3, Hitman, and the like? or will anything be conflicting with one another?
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  1. Good gpu, although you can find em cheaper from other brands (I like Sapphire or MSI). Good psu, although I would go with a Seasoinc 520w modular version. That set up will run any new games at decent settings if you are gaming in 1080p or less.
  2. I would definitely be useable and give decent performance, but if your budget is 400 you could do a lot better...

    I think your over spending on the PSU, you won't need that much power and there are cheaper options......

    With your budget you could stretch to a 7950/670, your CPU may hold you back a little with those cards, so maybe a 7870/660ti might be a smarter choice
  3. Ya you might need to upgrade you psu.
    Then get a 370 which is a great card.
  4. The PSU is a good choice if you are considering crossfire in the future. Otherwise a 500W would be plenty.

    This is a fantastic deal and would be fine for your system and allow you to get a larger GPU:
    and the review:

    For the gpu, you could fit in:
    (I stuck with XFX just in case you've got a preference, other brands may have better deals)

    edit: I don't agree with 'planning' for CPU bottlenecking. The CPU may limit your card in some games, but in general, your GPU will limit your eye candy more often than not regardless of the CPU. If your CPU is going to bottleneck in a game, more GPU power may still allow higher AA settings, better textures, and other features without much impact to your frame rate, since these features don't add any extra work to the CPU.
  5. Thanks for the advice guys. Could you perhaps suggest a good 650w- 750w modular psu thats within budget?
  6. Why do you need 650 - 750W... are you planning to crossfire?
  7. I had thought about it in the future. Plus, I like to be on the safe side
  8. This PSU is Semi-modular, excellent quality, and is only $89.99. It also is more than adequate for the system that you are putting it into.

    SeaSonic M12II 620 Bronze 620W
  9. Ok well its worthwhile if you are going to crossfire... Although if you are not running in the sweet spot of your PSU , it just ends up costing you more on the electricity bill than it should as it isn't as efficient at converting to dc, but I suppose a couple hundred W isn't anything to be concerned about, go ahead if you feel you need to..
  10. how good would a rosewill 650 be?
  11. Its worthwhile noting that not all the TX750's are modular, the one you linked for example isn't, and the ones that are... ie the TX750M is only semi modular

    Apparently rosewills have gotten better, but still not what I would choose....I liked the look of the seasonic one djscribbles linked but I think it was only 550w...look to the AX series if you want a decent modular by corsair
  12. the rosewill isnt good? :/ *** im confused. okay, i want the 7850, thats my choice lol, but as for PSU, i need a good, cheap, reliable, 600-700 watt psu. and my bbudget jsut dropped to 340 :/all in all, the rosewill and xfx 7850 with shipping and tax would be 330. so if you guys can find a good reliable and cheap 600-700 watt psu ill be set.
  13. What about these:

    Edit: A massive NO to the Raidmax, Decent modulars are going to be expensive, most of the ones I really like are $150+ but the ones above are pretty decent
  14. thats way out of my range :/ i need a psu between 5-75 dollars thats reliable and offers anywhere from 600-700 watts. preferabley modular
  15. modular IS NOT a necessity, but it would be nice to get one.
  16. Well, you can lower the wattage, you don't need 600-700W to be safe with your hardware, or lose the modular features but even then finding a decent 650W+ for less than $75 is a bit of a challenge
  17. how much wattage would be okay for my system? i tried the asus watatge calculator with all of my stuff added into the fields, and it suggessted 600 watts
  18. 12granb said:
    how much wattage would be okay for my system? i tried the asus watatge calculator with all of my stuff added into the fields, and it suggessted 600 watts

    ASUS PSU calculator tends to overstate the power requirements. Use this instead:
    I always round up a little to be safe but it's pretty accurate.
  19. Anything 500W+, Tbh that one that djscribbles suggested seems like the best deal to me:

    Seasonic, Modular, Gold rated....$60 after rebate, more than safe for a 7850...ticks all your boxes :)
  20. will the seasonic be enough, for real? :D
  21. Yes plenty :)
  22. what about the cpu connector? it says 5x8 pin :( my board takes a 4 pin
  23. 4x8 *
  24. It just means it has both a 4pin and an 8pin for boards that require more power
  25. positive? im placing the order as we speak
  26. Best answer
  27. Best answer selected by 12granb.
  28. thanks so much :D order was placed, now I play the waiting game :p
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