Building new computer.. Not sure what video card to buy

Soo does anyone know of a card that looks amazing but wont cost too much over 100$? I play games like The Sims 3.. My boyfriend plays Call of Duty and every other game like that. So yeah, any advice would help.. And obviously I'm not the one building it, so don't laugh at me if I wrote/said something wrong. =D

Motherboard- Asus p7p55d- e lx hybrid
Processor- Intel i3-550
Powersupply- Silver stone 1000W
Ram- Corsair vengeance 8 gb
Windows 7 64 bit
Case- Cooler Master Elite 430 (Bought it and now kinda regret it after seeing youtube videos)
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  1. Have you bought this stuff yet, besides the case? It's quite unbalanced, especially with that absurdly overpowered PSU. What's your overall budget?
  2. I have the motherboard, processor, power supply, ram, 300 gb WD velico rapture hard drive that I forgot to mention before. Still need windows, another hard drive, and a video card.

    We've had the power supply for a couple years, and the hard drive. We just never got around to using them. And the people at microcenter helped me with the rest of the stuff. I have 300$ more I can spend, but that's about it. Is there anything you can suggest?
  3. Velico rapture. I like that... :)

    If all you're doing are light games like that, go with a Radeon 7870.
  4. Yeah, that's way too much PSU for your rig. The cheapest gaming card is gonna be the HD 7750, get at least a 7770 is you can.
  5. *** Edit ***

    Sorry I missed your second post. Obviously the power supply is ridiculously too powerful for your needs but since you already have it... But I don't understand the other components, were they given to you as well? If they were purchased recently it might not be too late to go back to the store and exchange some of them, like the motherboard and CPU for example because they are older generation. But yeah, since they are older generation I assume they were given to you because I don't think you can find those for sell anymore.

    Just as a warning VelociRaptor disks are fast but they're not very reliable, just make sure not to put too important data on them and back-up your files frequently.

    Now for the video card since the Windows license will eat a part of your 300$ budget, I'd suggest you get a Radeon 7770, it costs a little more than 100$ and it's a very good bang for the bucks. If you can save a little more of course a 7850 would be even better. That won't leave you a lot of money for your second hard drive, but don't worry you can get a 1TB disk for as low as 50$ nowadays.
  6. +1 for hd7850
  7. I bought them at the end of 2011, and I'm aware they are out of date now. It would of been done a lot sooner, but I got fired from my jobbie and just now got some extra money to start building again. Honestly though.. I think anything is better than the pos I'm using now. I haven't had a new pc since.. 2006? I have a 750W power supply that I can use, just got to take it out of another pc. I feel like I've royally screwed myself over.. Lol.
  8. Well, uhm, kinda. :P

    One option might be selling off the parts you've collected - that would give you a starting point for a budget build.
  9. Hd 5760 or gtx 660 not sure it will work if not then gtx 650
  10. egert said:
    Hd 5760 or gtx 660 not sure it will work if not then gtx 650

    Year old thread...
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