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Hi! I recently purchased two Achieva Shimian Monitors. I can only hook them up using Dual DVIs. They look incredible, and are flawless. However, my current video card only has 1 Dual DVI-D and 1 DIV-I (Asus HD 4870). I have been meaning to upgrade my video card anyway and wanted advice. I'm looking to get a HD 7850. They often say "dual DVI supported" but often times that only refers to one of the ports, not both.

Are there any mid-range video cards (preferable 7850) that have 2x dual DVI? This one says "dual DVI suport" but so did my last card and only one port was dual.

Or do I have to get something beefier like the GTX 670?

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  1. What you are looking for is two "dual link" DVI ports. Far as I know most cards have two dual link DVI connections on them. If they don't, they should have the holes in the middle of the connector blocked off.
  2. It depends on the manufacturer of the card - not every GTX 670 will have two dual-DVIs, and not every 7850 or 7870 will. My advice is to just zoom in on the pictures of the card - check the pins and see for yourself.
  3. Well, this is my current card.

    If you zoom in, it looks like it should be dual DVI compatible, but is not.

    This card says it only has 1 DVI dual, and 1 DVI single, but if you zoom in, it looks like they are both DVI dual.

    I don't know if I trust simply looking at the DVI ports to know if they are dual or single.
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