Is this gpu compatible with my mobo?

so a few months back i built my comp and ive been running off the mobos inegrated gpu, no bueno.
so i want to upgrade and i was lookin at the galaxy gtx 560 ti bf3 edition, it runs off pcie x16, all good my mobo has that but the thing im unsure about is that it has 2 6 pin connectors, idk if this works with my mobo which is the asus m5a78l-mlx plus, sooo yea tell me and if it wont work please suggest another gpu around the same performance for around 200 but under and not over much
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  1. The pci-e 6 pin power connectors are on the power supply not the motherboard .

    Most modern power supplies have two or more but without knowing what psu you have its impossible to tell
    Its also possible to use an adapter to covert a molex to a pci-e 6 pin

    The radeon 7850 is a better card that the out dated 560 ti , and its also better for the $$$ than any equivalent nVidia card
  2. ha i feel stupid, i shouldve known that, anyways i really like the galaxy 560 ti bf3 edition because it comes with bf3, will pcie x16 3.0 work on 2.0?
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