Which Case (mATX, GTX680)

I'm building a new gaming rig and now just need to pick a case. I'm looking for something which will obviously fit the components, but which is also relatively low-profile in terms size and aesthetic (a blank face is a win). Cool and quiet being an obvious bonus. I'm looking to spend in the region of $80 but have no fixed price limit.

Appreciate the advice.

MoBo: MSI Z77MA-G45
CPU: Intel i5 3570K (Stock cooled)
PSU: Seasonic S12 II Bronze (380W) < I'll replace if consensus is that it's not enough power
1x SSD
1x 3.5 HDD
1x 5.25 DVDRW
1x PCIe WLAN Adapter
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  1. The Define Mini is a good choice, I would personally go for the Fractal Design Arc Mini because it has the open mesh design as opposed to the steel enclosure of the Define.
    As for the PSU, I personally never heard of that particular brand (probably because I live on the other side of the ocean). I suggest, like many others would as well, you stick with brands like corsair, seasonic, silverstone and maybe even the BeQuiet! brand of PSUs.
    Just my 2cents
  2. Thanks for the advice. I've taken a look at the Arc Mini and it's not bad at all. But I have pets (and pet hair) so a front grill is something I kinda have to try and avoid.
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