Using a 470 as main and 560 as Physx

I installed my 560 to use as a physx since the 470 has higher benchmarks.. but NV contorl panel only lets me select the 470 as a physx chard...

How do I select the 560 and use the 470 as a main?
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  1. The 470 was your main GPU before? Is it in PCIe X16 slot one?
  2. Yes it is in slot 1, the 560 is in slot 4 which is my other 16x slot.
  3. Monitor connected to the 470.
  4. rolli59 said:
    Monitor connected to the 470.


    Looks like suprisingly enough the issue was out dated drivers.

    Updated drivers and bam I can set the 560 as physx and use the 470 as the primary.

    Thanks for trying to help diagnose my issue :P
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