Can you guys tell me the con and pro about the intel HD 400 :D ty
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  1. intel hd 4000*
  2. It'll work for daily use, but not at all for gaming.
  3. Pro
    - Its free (essentially)

    -Utterly inadequate for gaming.
    -Uses up valuable space inside the CPU Intel should have used for more transistors or something. Seriously, who buys a 3570k with the intention of using integrated graphics?
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    Pro: It comes free when you buy the i5-3570k or i7-3770k. Or any laptop with an Ivy Bridge CPU.

    Con: Cannot play games very well. It is about as powerful as a Radeon HD 5550. You can play games at low resolution (1366x768 or less) with a mix of medium and low settings for non-graphic intensive games like Mass Effect trilogy, Half-Life 2 and Fallout 3. However for moderately graphic intensive games you need to play with low graphic settings. Intensively graphic games like Metro 2033 should be avoided.
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