How to download a usb flash drive to a laptop

I have a msi A6200 laptop it has windows7, I am trying to download information onto my computer I'm using a HP 4GB
flash drive, I need to open this program, this program and they all cost money and I still can't get the information off to print. please help.without it costing me an arm & leg. Thank-you Mona
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  1. So you have programs that are running off the flash drive, OR files on the flash drive you need to print OR files on the flash drive you want to copy/move to the computer? Please tell us more about what you are trying to do. What type of programs and information?
  2. I have copies of my income taxes on the flash drive that I need to download so I can
    make a copy for Uncle Sam.
  3. What format are the files in, you do have the program installed on your computer that can read the format the files are in, right?
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