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I recently built my first gaming rig. It included this graphics card, a geforce gtx 660. I hooked up my computer to a tv via hdmi cables, and the picture exceeds the boundaries of the tv. I messed around with the tv format and the computer resolutions, but this didn't fix it. I searched around the internet and came to the conclusion that to fix it I had to use a video card tweaking utility. The software that came with my video card is OC guru II. Whenever I try to run it, I get this error message: "please confirm whether to support this video card!" with the only option being ok, which does nothing. I tried msi afterburner, a recommended software but get this error message, "failed to display driver wrapper." Is there something wrong with my graphics card? I was able to open OC guru when I first got my computer, about a month and a half ago. Thanks.
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  1. Also, when I attempt to update the driver with nvidia installer, it is saying that the graphics driver couldn't find compatible graphics hardware..
  2. Probably it is disconnected, when this kind of sh*t happens to me I just open the pc and check all over, even reconnect, or just give it a little push and a swing, maybe it'll connect again...
  3. Thanks for the reply, it seems you were right in that it was disconnected. Apparently it was never connected correctly in the first place, becuase when I connected it properly, I got no picture at all, but can still hear sound coming from my computer. I had no idea a computer could even run without a graphics card.. Is it possible that the graphics card isn't compatible with my motherboard, or what might the problem be? It is an asrock h77, I could also be connecting the graphics card wrong, but it seems that it only connects to the motherboard in one place and up to the power supply.
  4. So... I think this problem may be that you are using a HDMI cable, try to use the normal cable, then it'll appear the image and then you reinstall the driver, and remove the normal cable... (All this without removing the HMDI) And it should work fine, the same thing happens when you get problems with the drivers, and this may be the answe since it was disconnected, try it out and reply back...

    I'm no genius in that, but this happened to me... if still fails I'll try to get you a solution, but for a while I'll not be able to reply, about 4 days from now
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