New pc wont turn on

i just built a new mini itx system i ran it for a week, everything was working great even installed skyrim to see how it would handle it. After that i shut it down. When i tried to start it up it wouldnt turn on, i did notice that a fan moved slightly. i had a spare psu i connected the 24 pin to see if it would do anything but still nothing.

hoping its not the mobo
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  1. Thats never a good feeling. It sounds like it might be the mobo. I know thats not what you want to hear.
    It may be possible that you have two bad PSUs. Do you have another computer to test them on?
  2. the other psu i tested it with was new as well. what i didnt notice before is that the led near the power button is on. pc just wont turn on
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