How much will a 1.6 ghz dual core bottleneck a 7850 2 gb?

I have a pentium e6300 2.8 ghz dual core that only runs at 1.6 ghz and when i game it bottlenecks my 8800 gt which can't run games great even with a better cpu as it is, so i want to upgrade to a amd radeon 7850 2gb and stay on this same cpu. Would it be bottlenecked so much that it has little to no improvement in fps or would it improve fps alot but still be bottlenecked? Also, how can i fix my cpu clock? I've read about speedstep but even on full load the clock doesnt go up so when i tried to disable speedstep, I couldnt find it anywhere in the bios. I'd prefer to just upgrade my video card for now but if I have to I'll buy a new motherboard so that the cpu will run at its top speed. If even that isnt good enough, I guess I'll have to upgrade everything
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  1. Don't bother upgrading your gpu if you have a bad cpu. That will severely bottleneck the card. I recommend upgrading everything.
  2. will there even be an fps difference if i make a video card upgrade only?
  3. Hardly, if any changes, will make a difference.
  4. ok well does anyone have an idea why my cpu runs at 1.6 ghz and won't go up to 2.8 where it should be even when its on full load
  5. Sound like Temp problem, try cleaning the heatsink and the case..
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