Crossfire GPU Temperature difference?

Is this normal ? Never hard a multi gpu setup before? But this seems a little odd being 20 degree difference.
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  1. The top card gets suffocated by the bottom card and sucks in air thats also warmed by it. It can be hard to cool. I recommend a side intake fan over the cards.
  2. Thank you for your reply. I leave the side to my case off. Like to show my rig off :-) Would it be better to put my side on so I can use the fan and should it be an intake I'm assuming. ?
  3. The top card is usually going to run hotter than the bottom one because the air flow is more restricted and some of the intake air for the upper card is already warmed by the lower card. If you put in a good side case fan to blow fresh air into the graphics cards, the upper card should run quite a bit cooler but it will still be warmer than the lower card.
  4. my cards only show a 3*c difference so 14 is a little extreme for me.
  5. What direction are your GPUs' heatsinks facing?

    If they are perpendicular to the side, then a side exhaust fan would pull out the heated air.
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