Cable Internet - Wireless Adapter Vs. LAN cable (***GAMING***)

Hi, I just wanted to get your guys' opinion on having a wireless adapter versus being plugged in the router by wire through the modem. What affect if any will either method have on my gaming performance? To be clear, I want the best (lowest) ping possible.

Also, can I lower my ping even further by buying an additional modem used only by me? That way this will cancel the dependency for a router (at least for me) and I'll be connected directly to the modem. Theoretically it should lower my ping right? I'm still unsure on just about everything because I've never had cable internet before or wireless adapters.

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  1. Hello someone please help, anyone!
  2. Can anyone please respond :(
  3. Plugged in will get better results!
  4. If you have an old router and are buying a new one, dont throw away your old one. you can turn it into a wireless repeater giving you more signal strength which is very good.
    I have had wireless since my dad bought internet and so far it's okay. You don't usually get packet loss, but wired would probably still be the way to go.
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