Need help picking GPU

looking for a new graphics card
approximate purchase date: around a month from now hopefully

budget range: around £60 but i might be able to push a little further

usage from most to least: primarily i want to play Guild Wars 2 on medium or just below medium settings with good FPS (above 45 would be nice). watching videos such as tv shows/ films/ surfing youtube etc etc.

Country of Origin: UK

Current GPU and power supply: Nvidia Geforce 9200, 220 watts although it says on the psu "shall not exceed 80 ?"

other relevant specs: Packard Bell oneTwo L5351, AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 220 Processor (2 CPUs) 2.8GHz, 4069 RAM, DirectX 11, Default system BIOS, Windows 7 home premium 64 bit

Monitor Resolution: 1920X1080

Additional Comments: I understand that this is no where near a gaming PC but during my free trial on Guild Wars 2 i was able to reach between 15-30 fps on lowest possible settings in pve. if theres any recommendation for an Nvidia graphic card that can significantly improve my gaming experience for a decent price which is compatible with my system it would be appreciated. :)
Btw, i dont really have the money to buy other stuff for my PC, can only get a new GPU and also im not really computer savy so can you guys dumb down the info for me to understand.
Thanks in advance
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  1. !!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!

    Seems like yours is All-in-one PC type and it is very tedious to change graphic cards if it comes with one and it might void ur warranty as well.

    Even f you do able to dismantle the card, there are physical size, air flow and power constrains to it.

    The best is to check with your local vendor and ask them which card you can possibly upgrade to so that you won't waste your money on the card that you can't use.
  2. oops sorry, ttcboy is right, that is an all in one. like he said take to your vendor. i will delete the first to post to avoid confusion
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