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I'm a designer/gamer which means I split my time between a PC and a mac. I love each for different reasons, and am completely outside of any loyalties to one or the other.

Right now, however, I have a problem I need to resolve.

I live in a Brooklyn studio apartment, and only have room for 1 small desk. I wanted to find the setup where I could get a display that would be easy to plug my Macbook Pro into for work purposes, but also switch over to my PC for gaming when necessary.

I tried this with my old 23" monitor and it looked absolutely awful. Having the crisp and clean monitor like a Thunderbolt display means the world to a designer. However, I can't use a Thunderbolt with my PC (at least that I'm aware of). I want to find a monitor that would let me achieve this while being clean and well displayed across platforms.

Does this exist?
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  1. Define "absolutely awful." Is the resolution right? Does it look like something that could be fixed with settings? If the old monitor's at all decent it should look just as good with the Mac as it does with the PC.
    There are plenty of good monitors out there. Since you're a designer, you probably care quite a bit about the choice, so stop by B&H on 34th and 9th if you find yourself in Manhattan. The Apple display is a total ripoff; you can definitely find professional-quality monitors for much less.
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