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hello, new here just made an acc so bear (bare?) with me.. also i hope im posting and using the forums right.

MOBO- ASRock 970 Extreme3
CPU- AMD FX 4100 quad core 3.6 ghz
PSU- Logisys 575W
RAM- 16 GB 4 sticks 4gb ea.
HDD- western digital 1TB Blue series
Windows 7 64bit

the system has been working fine since i put it together late November 2012 but now it keeps restarting and im trying to play Minecraft and i would be angry if it shut down while i was playing and corrupted the save. i have run windows 7 disc repair options and windows 7 recovery disc they both repaired the boot and then logged me ito windows 20 minutes later it restarts. i have entered the BIOS and left it there but it restarts in there too. Since it restarts in the BIOS does that rule out Windows7 as a cause??
Flashed the BIOS, no solution.
- i have shutdown unplugged and replugged everything (all mobo hookups and psu hookups). I even took my PSU out of the case, gave it a good pep talk and reinstalled it.
-it shouldnt be an overheating issue because i have 8 120mm fans inside the case(running full out, its quite cold computing next to this thing), 5 plugged into a fan controller, 3 plugged into PSU, well 9 including the CPU, which is the only fan connected to the MOBO.
-Only connections to MOBO are ATX power connector(psu), ATX 12v power connector(psu), CPU fan, and the power switch(from case). (no usb headers, no speakers, no power led, no hdd led)
-drivers seem to be up to date as well

any suggestions will be helpful thanks in advance//
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  1. I'd say it's either the power supply or ram acting up; Logisys power supply is not adequate for many systems. It's low end. I would replace it with this: or this model:
    These ps don't come with a power cord, but you can use your old one. These units are much better quality units; properly rated at about 80% of capacity under load. My old antec 350w is still working well after 7-8 years.
  2. Yeah that makes sense. I knew that PSU would give me problems, thats what i get for buying a case/PSU combo. I have memtest on a gparted cd. im going to run that on each stick in each slot and post the results (be back in 2014 lol).
    -noticed it installed a windows update last night when i powered down, and honestly i have had problems with the updates before.

    im just trying to make sure before i drop a hundo on a new PSU.
  3. ok Memtest is done

    did two passes on each 4gb stick no errors- will this rule out RAM or should i run more tests maybe overnight? (i want to know if my RAM sticks are completly good)

    I did find out my 4th slot is not properly working so I only installed 3 of the sticks.

    -If i was able to run memtest for 4 hours with no restarts does that rule out the PSU? will it turn over at all if its dead, will it run for as long as it can and then die and reset itself? How can I know my PSU is bad??

  4. Memtest will detect errors with bad ram immediately, so your ram is ok. Time to try a new power supply. You can do a paper clip test on the ps, but it's not foolproof. Your power supply is rebooting under full load. The cheaper ps brands are rated at 100% load, but your ps may reboot before reaching it. I don't have any more advice to give. Good luck.
  5. I agree with o1die, blame the PSU on this one. Sorry there's not much more to say.
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