7870 vs 7950 for 60 bucks more

Simple question: Is the performance difference between the Gigabyte 7870 OC Edition and Gigabyte 7950 significant enough to justify spending an extra 60 dollars on the card?
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  1. This should help answer your question,3279.html

    And yes, the 7950 is worth the extra 60 bucks
  2. Yes it is no matter who says what it is worth it.
  3. I had a 7870 in my system but had to RMA it and ended up getting the Gigabyte 7950 instead. Will I need to uninstall/reinstall AMD catalyst drivers or should the drivers installed be good to go?
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    You should always do a clean install
  5. Thanks for the assistance.
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  7. Your very welcome!
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