Is this a good build?

Is this a good build?

This is about my budget...

GTX 650 Ti can it get the latest games at HIGH settings? (Not ultra)

Also will this be decent and rendering in photoshop?


Also can a GTX 650 Ti be SLI

Thanks :)
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  1. Oh BTW my resolution will probably be 1080p thats when I get my new monitor but at the start it will just be 1366x768 :lol:
  2. You could get the 660 gtx or 7850 it's much better than the 650 ti.
    Also that psu is overkill, you just need a psu with 450w-550w.
  3. Thanks for your reply, I will try get the GPU's which you stated :)
  4. Ok I made the following changes:

    I got a 550W PSU Cooler master GX I know they say its a bit bad but it is 80 plus bronze and i am on small budget

    I also got an MS! 7850 for £5 more expensive :)
  5. Those look good, are you sure they will be enough for overclocking just a bit, probably just using the turbo boost. Also I will probably upgrade in the future for example probably like a GTX 860 or similar. Thanks
  6. Yes, even with the cpu overclocked and a 7850, it will do just fine both of the psus.
  7. Cool, since the 600W version of the builder series is just a few pounds more I will get that, but thanks for finding that corsair CPU range. Thanks ;)
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