Wierd color gradients, Radeon HD 7870

Hey guys, this is probably a monitor related issue, but since it deals with color, I put it under graphics cards just in case. Ok so, I have the AOC e2343Fk monitor, and when I launch a video application (the one shown is the opening sequence for Dishonored) the colors blend oddly and they don't seem to disappear. For example, when I launched this on another computer the color disappeared nicely, but here you can see a lot of "extra:" (this was taken with a camera) You can see that the colors don't just disappear. This one too, even though it's less noticeable. Instead of seeing a gradient, i see bands of color: What monitor setting should i change to fix this? My monitor doesn't have an auto calibration. I have the MSI 7870 and catalyst 12.8. Thanks!
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