GTX 660 Very bad performance in Assassin'sCreed3

guys i've an gtx 660 it runs great with all new games (BF3, Crysis 2 , Metro ) and it can give more than about 60 FPS when playing BF3 on Ultra but when i tested assassin's creed III the results were terrible i cant exceed the 25 FPS even if i made the game run on Mid Settings .
PS I'm using the new driver 310.54 Beta !!!!
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  1. Looks like POS console port which depends completely on cpu.You need a beefy cpu to run this pos.Actually AC reveleation ran quite good on my i5 3550 3.7ghz cpu and gtx 670.Yet to get this though.Since they added dx11 and the engine is still as cpu bound as ever i am not surpirsed with this crappy performance.
  2. A GTX 660 can't handle Assassin's Creed 3? :O jeez
  3. Check and see if Vsync is turned on. I had the same problems with revelations and was getting 25-28 frames too but when I turned off vsync the fps rose to 50+
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