MSI GTX 660 TWIN FROZR Will not display upon install

I just purchased the MSI GTX 660 replacing SLI'd GTX 260's in my system, however upon starting my computer there is no signal on the monitor...the graphics card will not display although the fans on the video card both work.

I've tried different monitors and switched back between my old cards and they work, but the GTX 660 will not. I have never flashed/upgraded a bios before although I heard that might be a possibility? I already tried uninstalling my old drivers and that didn't work. I installed it in my buddies system and it worked! I tried checking his PSU thinking it must be the power but couldn't find any specs on his's all black nothing I could find.

Any ideas?

Here's my system with the MIS GTX 660

Core i5 750
EVGA P55 micro LGA 1155
Kingston 8 Gigs PC12800
BD drive
850 watt rosewill PSU, 4 12v rails @ 20 amps each (the MSI card requires 24 this the problem?)
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  1. Most likely you will need to do a BIOS update since the card worked in your friends system. Just follow the instructions on EVGA'a website.
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