Hai iam vamsi,i want to buy a graphic card my price range is 6k indian rupees.my

please reply
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  1. The best way to ask this question would be to list out all the cards that you can get with the amount you mentioned so that people can pick out the card for you.

    The reason is that the same graphic card will have different price depend on the Local vendor. For example U might get one graphic card at US$150 in US but u might have to pay US$200 in other part of the world.

    If you can post your full computer spec, it would help more as well because if u have old mobo which only support AGP , u won't be able to get PCI-E cards.

    Another points are whether you have enough power on ur PSU for ur new card or enough additional PCI-E power pins for the new card.

    If you have very old CPU, getting the card that ur CPU will end up bottle necking is waste of the money as well.
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