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Hello Everyone :-)

I am at a loss and wanted to see if anyone here had any ideas. I have a good system and have always played my games on ultra settings with no difficulty. However I am currently experiencing a new lag issue that is driving me crazy. The 2 games I play now that I notice it in are Skyrim and Sims 3. Sims 3 is unplayable because of it and Skyrim is annoying because about every 10sec it will jump/lag. However I am able to play Guild Wars 2 and it plays like glass on the highest settings. I will list my PC specs and then describe all the steps I have done so far to try and resolve the issue:

Computer Build:
-AMD FX-8150 CPU 8x3.6GHz (Liquid cooled with push pull fans so does not exceed 55 C during intense gameplay)
-16 GB Corsair DDR3 1600 RAM
-AMD Radeon HD 6970 2GB 900MHZ Card
-Gigabyte GA-970A-D3 board
-1000 Watt Power Supply
-120 GB SSD for OS (At about 50% of its Capacity)
-480 GB SSD for gaming files (Agility 3 SATA 3) (Only at 10% of its capacity)
-Windows 7 64 OS

What I Have Tried:
1. Tried re-installing the games.
2. Tried un-installing and re-installing graphics card driver
3. Tried changing settings in-game and in CCC (catalyst control center) Low settings don't help at all.
4. Used IoBit's Advanced System Care to clean registry and sweep junk files.
5. Tried a fresh install of Windows 7.
6. Opened my case and gently dusted. (Did this after all the above so I did not jostle anything and cause the issue).
7. Tried the Skyrim Lag fix in this video -
8. Tried closing CCC so it wasn't running in the background during gameplay.

Any ideas, I am running out of things to try :-( Thank you in advance for your suggestions :love:
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  1. It sounds like you have made a good effort in trying to sort out the problem, the steps you have taken are what is usually recommended t people who are having issues.
    The fact that in your post, you mention that Guild Wars 2 is able to be played flawlessly without issue; means 2 important things.
    1: you dont need to be worried about your system not being powerful enough
    2: it is not a hardware or operating system problem.

    Now, If you had just not done a fresh install of windows, it could be a possibility that a 3rd party program was using system resources while you were gaming, and thus reducing the performance of your rig. This is not necessarily a virus, it could be a trusted program including antivirus programs or even windows updating. Therefore, i would have advised you to open task manager during the game and see what other processes were using system resources and shutting them down. I do not think this is your problem however, but try opening task manager and see how hard your system is working in game and if there is something slowing you down, stop it.

    Now, I believe it is most probably a driver issue. Are you using beta drivers or, more importantly, did these games work fine once before on your system before an update? Some drivers cause issues in certain games, or some games in themselves are badly optimized and don't work with certain drivers.
    So my main suggestion, is change the drivers you are using. If you are on the catalyst 12.11 beta, go back to the last stable release, or if you are on the stable release go to the latest version of the beta drivers (i think it is at 12.11 beta 7 now).

    Post back if trying the different drivers didnt help and we will continue trying to sort it out :)
    Hope i helped a bit :)
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