Which card to SLI & will it bottleneck?

I'm trying to decide whether to SLI a GTX 460, a GTX 550Ti, or a GTX 560Ti. My specs :
Intel Core i7 2600K 3.4GHz
ASUS P8Z68-V gen 3
16GB DDR3 Memory @ 1666MHz
NVidia GTX 550Ti
Antec HCG-750

Also, will my CPU bottleneck if I SLI any of the cards?
Please keep in mind that I'm trying to be as light on the wallet as possible.
Any other card suggestions are welcome.
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  1. If you already have a 550Ti, then that's what would make sense to SLI with it.

    Though if you are willing to SLI two 560Ti's (~$400 worth of card), you should just get a HD7970 or GTX670 outright.

    The 2600K is strong enough to hold any card config.
  2. How much of a performance boost would I get if I SLI'd a 550Ti and a 560Ti? Or would it be insignificant?
  3. You cant, you can only SLI two cards of the same GPU. You can pair two 550Ti's, or two 560Ti's. Cant mix the models.
    This should explain a bit.

    EDIT: Dont be concerned about your PSU after watching the video, its a bit old and back then components did draw a lot more power than modern components. Your 750W will be plenty for a dual card rig.
    Another thing he doesnt mention is the amount of VRAM you have in an SLI/Crossfire array. If you have two 1GB cards in SLI/Crossfire, you only still have an effective 1GB of VRAM. Both cards have to store the textures, the VRAM isnt shared among them. And if you have a 2GB and a 1GB card, it will default to the lowest amount, so you will only have an effective 1GB still.
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