Q6600 b3 and new video card

I just upgraded from a 8800gt 512 to an evga gtx 660 sc. In the games ive been playing i have not seen too much increase in my fps between the cards. im running a q6600 at 2.4ghz with 4gb ram on windows 7 32bit, the 660 is also in a pci-e 1.1 16x slot. do you think my cpu is holding/bottle necking my new gpu? ive tried overclocking but my nvidia chipset hates the core 2 quads with my zalman cooler
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  1. edit to the post, if my cpu is bottle-necking my gpu is it worth the $250 to get a new 3750k platform?
  2. i have the same cpu and i was happy with it, i buy a new palit 650 gtx ti i feel the same olso in games and i deside to go for amd fx 8core series and a new mobo
    i dont know if the 3750k worth it for the money some veterans here mby give u better guide in the specific platform
  3. OCing your CPUs would help, those chips can do 3.0 easy 3.6 with proper H20 cooling... they're stout chips just dated by their architecture... i went from a C2D e6850 to the 2500k and it was light and day the speed difference.
  4. check what is your bottleneck.

    benchmark the game you are playing, write down the FPS

    lower the resolution, write down the FPS

    if the lowered resolution has more FPS the GPU is your bottleneck (not likely for your combo)

    if the lowered resolution has the same FPS then the CPU is your bottleneck (very likely in your case)
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