Thinking about a new Graphics card, 680 GTX your thoughts

Hey i want to buy a new graphics card and i was thinking about the 680 GTX gigabyte OC, what are your thoughts guys ? are there any better cards out there ? i'm mainly buying it for skyrim and my 6850 have been giving me alot of trouble and i know that skyrim isn't a big friend of AMD's but either way i prefer Nvidia . . any thoughts you have guys ?

Thanks in advance !
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  1. Go for a high end 670, something like a MSI, or EVGA one. They are pretty much equal to a 680 with a light overclock.
  2. Hard for me to recommend the GTX 680 atm. Just too much money for what you're getting. Yes, it's a great card but a GTX 670 is not far behind it at all and you'd be saving a good bit. If you're willing to split away from your Nvidia only statement, I would REALLY recommend a 7970 or even a 7950 since they OC really well and are a good bit cheaper than the Nvidia competitors for the same performance.
  3. I just get some very nasty performance on skyrim including some blue screens and i read around in the forums and i'm not the only one with this problem, people that have switched to nvidia had this problem solved.
    So i'm really not for AMD and prefer Nvidia, so you guys would recommend 670?
    Because i really would like the best thing out there . . except the 690 because that is really a strech :P
    I have my budget and really i don't mind spending money for something to last me a long time.
  4. btw prices,

    680 GTX gigabyte 2gb OC is 525$
    670 GTX Asus 2gb 915hz is 447$
  5. bump?
  6. Bumps aren't allowed be patient. I would much prefer getting the 670, and then using that excess moniez to invest in other parts of your build.
  7. if you're not gaming higher then 1080 a 670 is all you will need.
  8. yes get the 670. The small performance gain in going from a 670 to a 680 does not justify the price. Also if I were you I would get the 7970Ghz edition.
  9. I don't need any other upgrade for my RIG all that is left is the graphics card.
    I game on a single monitor on 1080HD.
    Do any people here play skyrim on 7970 ?
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