i want to buy a graphic card,my range is 6000 India's rupees,my system configuration is
Intel i3 2100 3.10Hz
Intel DH61WW mother board
4GB DDR3 ram
600VA frontech ups=480w
dell 20"HD led
i thought of HD 6670 1GB gddr5.
will it work on my PC?are there any better options?480w will be sufficient for HD 6670?do i need to change anything in my PC?
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  1. The 7750 will be much better at that price point. Not sure if you can get one of them in India for that price but it'll do much better than the 6670. Also, if you do find one, make sure it has GDDR5 memory! A lot of vendors put on DDR3 memory which slows down the GPU significantly, so avoid them.
  2. Get this:

    Best Bang for the Buck GPU. And, very low power Consumption, with only 55W TDP.

    HD 6670 is made with older technology, and consumes almost double the power than 7750.
    So, extend your budget to 7000, and go with 7750.
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