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Hey, i have a old acer computer but i upgraded it. The problem i have is with the motherboard. Its a g43m-am v2.0. I cant figure out how to put the start,restart and LED connectors on. I tried two different ways. I had the same problem with another motherboard and used this link but it didnt work with this one :/ any help?
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  1. Can't find that motherboard. What manufacturer is it? Also make sure the model you gave us is correct. Thanks.
  2. It says acer on it so i think the make is acer
  3. the f panel has 14 pins but one is missing.
  4. Did that work?
  5. It's easy to find the on pins, just use a knife or paper-clip and go down the row (each side, don't go across the pins) and when it turns on you have found the right pins. Next reset, do the same thing with the computer on and when it re-boots you've found the reset pins. For the leds you will need a multimeter from radio shack or frys, etc. With the computer running and the multimeter set to DC higher than 12v find the 2 pins that have continuous power. This is your power led. Next run defrag and find the 2 pins that have intermittent power. Those are the hdd led.
  6. i took a flat head and connected every two pins i could. Nothing is turning on.
  7. Is everything hooked up, power supply, video card, memory? Is the power supply plugged in with the switch on?
  8. yeah, i even tired the 24 pin trick. i put a paper clip from green wire to any black wire. The fans ran and the hardrive too.
  9. could the power supply be a problem because i put everything back in the old case and it worked or maybe its the actual case.
  10. Could be the new case, standoff locations, grounding the motherboard. There are several posibilities.
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