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I can't decide which one to choose.I use my PC for hardcore gaming and I want it to last.(Battlefield 3 atm,Crysis 2,Skyrim,Shogun 2...)
CPU: FX 8350 or equivalent Intel CPU-252.17$ for FX
MOBO: I have no idea
GPU: HD 7850(Can get it really cheap) or GTX 660-241.81$ for the HD 7850
Power: I have no idea
Case: I have no idea
HDD: Planning on using the same HDD

After those 2 excluded from the budget I'm left with 556,02 $ for Mobo,Case and power supply and possible CPU/GPU changes

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  1. Shopping from where ?...and that's not hardcore at all, you need a much better gpu, and an i5-3570k is recommended.
  2. Local shop as if I buy online il waste alot of money on importing
  3. Definitely get an i5-3570k
  4. Don't know if it makes any diffrence I'm not going to OC it
  5. You could get then an i5-3470+h77 mobo.
    For the psu a decent one with 550w-650w from corsair,antec, xfx,seasonic,fsp,rosewill, pc power & cooling.
    For a card get either the 670 gtx(nvidia) or 7970(amd), if you need a bit cheaper get the 660 ti.
    Get a decent case like the antec HAF 912 or similar.
  6. 7970 is only 20$ expensive then 7950 so il put 7970 instead of 7950
  7. is the $252 for a 3570k? what country are you in?
  8. jonjonjon said:
    is the $252 for a 3570k? what country are you in?

    293.37$ for that one.Is it expensive or cheap?

    Croatia.Small country in Europe
  9. Is there a website for the parts ? we could use google translate
    But what i just said, it pretty covers everything you need.
  10. not sure how that would translate to USD. but if your budget is $1000 and you paying $250 for the cpu that sounds about right. but going from a 7850 to a 7970 is a big jump.
  11. But if he doesn't want to oc, it's better to look out for an i5-3470, i bet even in croatia the price will be much lower, and also a h77 mobo i can bet it will be cheaper than any z77.
    It leaves probably even a good margin for the high end card+good case+quality psu+ssd.
    Site im using.
    Left u can see big black leters Komponente-components below arr
    In this order GPU MOBO RAM Case PSU Cooling optic drives and sound cards
    Bellow that is a green box Pretrazi po rijecima-search by letters.string search..
    Sorry for gramatical errors im on phone.
  13. That site is nothing special it just a list cheapest site with requested part so I dont have to manually go store sites
  14. I can get 2 7850 for the price of single 7970 is it any good or would I be better with 7970 anf xfire it later if needed
  15. No i don't recommend going with two 7850, you'll have micro stuttering and driver support trouble, just get the best single card within you budget.
    If you want a card a bit cheaper get the 670 gtx :
  16. I was expecting mz budget will be short for my needs so I will go with 7970
  17. I have no idea how to choose best answer
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