Running 6-pin GPU on a 4-pin molex?

Hello guys this will be my first post here, some of you may find this ridiculous but i'm hoping it can work.

Basically im going to buy this computer:

and this GPU:

In the computer it has a 500 Watt PSU, but there is only ONE 4-pin molex avaliable, I plan to use this item to
convert the 1x 4-pin molex into 2x 4-pin molex

and then I intend to use this to make it into a 6 pin PCI-E

Will this work? Or will the GPU be under powered? Thanks!

Heres some of the power info on the card I found:

Thermal & Power
Power Supply Requirements --- 400 Watt Power Supply
Power Connectors --- (1) PCI-E 6-pin Power Connector
Maximum Graphics Card Power --- 116 Watts
Maximum GPU Temperature --- 100 C
Maximum Operating Temperature --- 100 C
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  1. Hmmm, I know the last step will work.

    The first step depends on the wattage per rail. (,3061-2.html)
    You can split it if the PSU can handle the wattage this would put on the rail. But for that you'd need to know more than "Energy Star Qualified: No"
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