Help with the choice of two PC's.

Hi there, I'm going to be buying a new PC soon (hopefully) my intentions are for mid-high end gaming, and I need help between 2 i've had my eye on..


I would prefer more RAM, and my initial instinct for gaming was to try the 965, as i've not heard good things about the FX series, but im not sure which would be better as the price being the same always confuses my little head and that's why im asking you guys and gals out there to give me a hand.

Apologies if the category i've selected isnt the best, was unsure from the selection.
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  1. In my opinion the 1st one is good for a mid high-end pc as the 1st one has more hard drive capacity. We all know that recorders like fraps depends on hard disk and processor for smooth recording on high pixels/resolution, mostly on everyone's pc there's a decent processor. Even the dual core are good for recording but you would need a 750 gb or + good hard drive for smooth recording on high graphics.

    Anyways, it's just my opinion, let's see what other guys have to say.
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