Multi Sceenz!?

I've been SPOILED!

My Last Home-Brew PC had an ATI Rage card that let me run 2 monitors via the normal connection & a yellow RCA jack but my new motherboard has only a PCI Express x16 Graphcs Slot! ;-(

I have 3 monitors going spare but can only run one @ a time via the motherboard's graphics output.

I'd love to run all 3 of these basic flat monitors to get a kind of WideScreen effect! ..what PCI EXPRESS card should I get on the cheap/ebay?

Thanks you guys!
-Denis in th UK
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  1. For good performance for system and video I would recommend either a HD 6770 or an HD 7770 or a GTX 650. Those will all give you great performance in everything when using triple monitors except for gaming. For that you need something more powerful, an HD 7870 from AMD minimum or a GTX 660 Ti from Nvidia minimum
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