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I have recently bought a new laptop. it has a geforce 640m 1gb graphics card with it. However, when i installed a game (football manager 2012) i noticed that i was only getting one star for graphic performance which i thought was odd? then i loaded game and when i play the match the graphics are very stuttery not what they should be like on a game that doesnt demand a top end graphics card. So, i went into desktop-screen resolution-advanced- and the graphics adapter is set to the onboard intel graphics? I have double checked in device manager and it does show both the intel onboard graphics and the geforce 640m card so i know it is there? what could be causing the problem and how do i fix this? many thanks in advance
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  1. Go into the BIOS and select external card for the display settings.
  2. I'd suggest entering your BIOS and de-selecting the on-board graphics card. I'd look up the specific steps and option settings if you provide the laptop make and model.
  3. you have to set the affinity on the application to the 640m

    go to the root of your game directory and find the game .exe.

    Right click and select run with Nvidia... as opposed to intel
  4. ^^ there are no bios options for that.... its an optimus thing.
  5. thankyou guys im really new to laptop gaming so i may need more help here.
    this is my laptop ...
    how do i get to root directory? sorry im rubbish but a quick learner! (hopefully)
  6. it is where you installed the game to:

    Probably something like: C/program files/ GAME
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