Constant BSODS need help, they seem to be completely random

Getting random BSODS on and off, stuff like PAGE_FAULT_IN_NON_PAGED_AREA and several others I can't remember. This computer has had constant problems for as long as I have had it, been through 2 complete formats, still problems as well as 2 different video cards, and a complete RAM swap. I'm at my wits end with it. I can't read dump files, but I have uploaded all my dumps from the past 3 days to a dropbox folder if anyone wants to take a look and help me out?

I'm in safe mode now and it seems to be alright, but I can't even get to a log on screen anymore without safe mode, BSODS right away.

Any help is very much appreciated

CPU: Phenom X2 1055T
MOBO: Asus m4a87td Evo
RAM: 4GB G.Skills (2x2GB)
Video Card: HD 6850
PSU: 550 Watt
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  1. Run memtest86 on the ram overnight. Any errors means ram issue either ram sticks or eve a ram slot could be bad.

    If you pirated your windows it could be bad. Try Windows 8 customer preview.
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