Old hard drive, new system

Just bought an entire new desktop system, here are the specs:

Motherboard: gigabyte intel z77x-ud3h
Processor: intel core i5 2400
PSU: OCZ ModXStream 600W
Graphics card: EVGA GeForce GTX 660 2GB
RAM: Patriot 8gb DDR3

Think that's all the important parts. All this is set up and running but I'm trying to use my old hard drive that has windows 7 on it, and it gets as far as the screen that says starting, then says windows has a startup error and gives me a choice to start some kind of repair sequence or start windows normally. The repair option requires a windows 7 installation disc, which I do not have, and starting normally leads to the same error. Now, I put the hard drive back into the old computer and it ran just fine, so there is some kind of issue between the new hardware and my hard drive.

So I guess I'm asking, what are some things I can do to solve the issue, short of having to buy windows 7 again?
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  1. With a new system you need a new Windows installation. Windows that was installed of a different motherboard wont on this system (especially if you are swapping from AMD to Intel or vice-versa and are upgrading a fair way).
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