Cooling Advice.

My custom build is running a little warmer than I would like recently.
Ive had it for a year now with stock cooling and lately it's been running in the 65Cish While gaming BF3 ect..

I decided to change from stock cooling since AMD says there CPUs run safe under 61c
I went with the Corsair H60 "CORSAIR Hydro Series H60 (CWCH60) High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler"

I am still using my old case as well the XION II Gaming case.
I was thinking maybe this may be one of my issues on running a little warmer than I would like.
Since air flow is always important.

Idle now with water cooling CPU is running at 43c at room temp 75f
Under load while gaming ( Mostly BF3 ) it's pushing 57c and sometimes 60c while room temp 75f

my complete PC specs are

MOBO ASUS Crossfire VI
CPU AMD FX8150 Eight Core Processor 3.60Ghz
Kingston Hyperx Memory 8.00GB
Corisair HX850 PSU
Corisair H60 Cooling

I'd really like for my CPU to run cooler than what it is.
a buddy is pushing 47c on his CPU while we are gaming together.
He has the same cooling as me.

This normal Temps for my setup?
Any tips to running at cooler temps?

Also thinking about updating to a better case for better cooling as well
Whats some good cases to keep low temps and ect..
Been looking at Corsair and Rosewill cases so far.

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  1. Really been looking at that first link for a few days now.

    Thinking the case is my heating problem?
  2. Best answer
    I think its part of it yes
  3. Maybe the problem is as simple as getting a high quality thermal paste to aid the heat transfer better, or maybe the current layer is too thin/thick/uneven.

    I may be wrong, but I think rather than having to spend lots of money on a new case, for the £5/$10 price it would be worth trying :).
  4. I'm wanting to update to a newer case anyways.
    But I am running the Stock Paste that comes on the Corsair H60 I could clean it and add some better paste I believe I have some here somewhere left from my last few builds. I may give it a shot as well. :D

    I ended up adding another fan to my Cooling vent got one on each side pulling from inside the case out to the back. it seemed to help drop a few numbers.

    Thanks for the tips and advice so far :)
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