Can i get best out of this card?(fx 6100 and hd radeon 7850)

friends i built a pv few days back...but could be able to use it for the coming 2 months (exams) lol

i wonder if i can get best out of this card sapphire hd radeon 7850 2gb
2)AMD fx 6100 BE
3)8gb corsair Ram
4)22 inch acer led monitor
5)Cm 500w thunder psu(got to replace it if u suggest)
6)cooler master g elite 310 cabinet
7)gigabyte -78LMT-S2 mobo

im not quite sure if i built it in a right way..everythings seems good but will my config to use the card upto max
im getting 1920 * 1600 res 60 hz ,60 fps . for devil may cry 4 not sure how to
chech fps for everygame i got this from the deafult option (check performance) it a good
will gaming resolution depend on monitor dimension?? could i get higher res and fps
dmc4 performance tool gives a grade b and recommends hard ware upgrade ..and was wondering if this cpu is ******* my gpu!!

can i harness the true powr of this card??
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  1. Yes, you will be fine.
  2. Yes and no.

    Can you harness the true power of this card? Probably not. The "true power" of the card would be the absolute maximum at which it can operate with smooth FPS, etc. So let's just say the "true power" is 2 xx inch screens at XXXX by XXXX resolution with XX AA/AF and so on.

    Is there anything in your setup that looks like it might be a major bottleneck for your card? No. Your card should perform to the maximum that it can with your current setup. It seems to be fairly evenly balanced and I wouldn't think there's any real issues.

    Your resolution does partly depend on monitor size and the resolutions allowed by it. Some monitors may cap at 1920x1200, some may go higher, some may go lower. A Higher resolution will not increase your FPS. If anything, it will probably decrease it. As your resolution increases, so do the area and the details that the graphics card needs to process.

    Any performance tool is most likely going to recommend an upgrade unless you're running the absolute maximum in hardware, ie the best CPU, GPU, mobo, etc. So don't sweat that.
  3. To check FPS for any game, use the program FRAPS.

    As for your CPU/GPU combo, you should be fine.
  4. no, the fx6100 is a poor gaming cpu.
    < look here for example its ok for some games but others it really struggles with.,3098-13.html
    It really needs to be overclocked to get reasonable performance from it. But again, that depends on the game.
  5. sadness went wrong with my cpu !! first i was with intel ,jumped to amd in the last moment on friends advice!! even this card is a crap? is should have taken nvidia?
  6. the 7850 is fine.
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