Installing W7 on new partition with Raid0

Hi all,

So i wanted to do a fresh W7 install on a new partition today. My setup uses two 500gb drives in raid0 with Windows 7 64bit installed. Using the windows 7 disk management tool i resized the main partition to give space to the new partition. I didn't reformat thinking i could do it before installation.

So I used the microsoft tool to create a bootable usb drive. restarted, went into boot menu and set it to boot from usb first and booted into windows 7 installation from the usb drive.

The computer was set up in raid0 when i got it and i did a fresh install of W7 and that time i remember it picked up the raid drivers and used those. this time however it didn't pickup any drives. I went to install and did custom install but there was no drives to choose from and after a scan it didn't find any either. i went back and booted into my main OS and used the disk management tool to format the unallocated partition. formatted as NTFS and set it to drive D. booted up from the USB drive again and there was still no drives in the list that i could install too.

Is there something i'm doing wrong? Is the raid0 setup making things more complicated or something? should it be picking up the raid driver?

Any ideas or information would be appreciated!
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  1. Issue solved.

    I expected the raid drivers to be picked up automatically because when i reinstalled windows after getting the computer, it picked em up.

    This time it didn't so i had to download the raid drivers for the motherboard and put them on a separate memory stick and scan that folder when installling and it was fine from there.

    On a side note: I underestimate the size partition required! W7 took 16gig and i needed 15238mb available and had 15245mb! so was just 8MB remainder! but after a couple drivers and tools that was well gone so had to redo it all again after making a larger partition. but didn't take too long.
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