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Upgrade from GTX 275

November 21, 2012 3:04:07 PM

I built a multi-purpose home pc about 3 years ago. I wanted something powerful and dependable enough to last a long time and not become obsolete and I have had no regrets.
I built it with an ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 mobo, i7 920, 1TB Caviar Black HDD, 6GB PC 1333 Ram, and a EVGA GTX 275 2GB. It's still an awesome machine for all my needs.

So now I'm looking at building another rig mainly for the kids with schoolwork in mind, but also gaming.
Again, I want something that won't be obsolete too soon.
I'm looking at an ASrock Z77 Extreme 3 mobo, i5 3570, SSD, 8GB PC 1600. But what GPU?
I have had no issue with the GTX 275, but thought that 3 years later there would be something cheaper and better able to play most new games.
I admit I don't know a lot about how gaming tech has changed, but I've compared specs of several cards to the GTX 275 and haven't found many that beat it's benchmark #'s like clock, bandwidth, pixel-fill, and texture-fill. At least not much in my price range of $100-150 (preferably on the lower end).

I would expect something in the GTX 600 series to be faster, but by the raw numbers I've looked at it seems like you still have to spend a lot to beat a 3 year old card.
Am I missing something?

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