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Alright, so my buddy is having issues with his home built pc, so I am trying to help him out and get the issue resolved, but I'm a bit stumped as to what is going on. Lately while playing BlackOps 2, he will be playing, sometimes it will be after 10 minutes of play, sometimes it is after hours of play, but during the game his computer will just shut off. It doesn't turn back on but it stays off.

Here is some interesting extra information about it. I have had him running MSi Afterburner to watch the temps on his GPU while in game, and they rarely rise about 65 C. I have his fan on a custom fan settings so that they boost up to 60-70% fan speed while playing, but I know that his GPU isn't overheating. It used to be an issue when he would play FarCry 3, but ever since using a user set fan speed, his temps usually hover around 65C, so his GPU shouldn't be the problem, Right?

Another weird issue, is that his Steel Series Sensei mouse doesn't turn off with the computer. The light stays on the mouse. When turning the computer on though, the pc no longer recognizes the mouse and it has to be unplugged and replugged into a USB port.

Last weird thing, is that his pc turned off tonight, and we have had trouble getting it to come on now. It first got stuck at "Loading Operating System", and now it just gets stuck at a black screen with a blinking cursor. :?

Some info about his system...... We just got him a new 7200 rpm WD Black Caviar hdd, so I highly doubt it is a HDD problem. He has an AmD 6100fx Zambesi on a GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD3 mobo with 8gb of G. Skill RAm. He also has a KINGWIN Lazer LZ-1000 1000W PSU and uses a HIS 6870 GPU.

He has a Steel Series Sensei Mouse like I said, as well as a Logitech keyboard and a steel series headset.

Also, I have taken some temp readings from his CPU, MOBO and HDD and this is what I've come up with. His motherboard gives three different temperatures : TMPIN0 TMPIN1 TMPIN2. The three temperature readings I took from his mobo gave me, 31 74 76, 34 81 85, and 35 87 93, . The temperature kept on increasing while playing Black Ops 2. The Cpu started at 64c while playing, then went up to 73c, 79, and then 82. The HDD went from 28 to 32, 35, and then 37C hdd. It was about at the last temperatures for each piece of hardware that something happened and the computer shut off. The Mobo and CPU are both pretty high correct? He doesn't have an aftermarket CPU fan and he only has one case fan so the case circulation is low.
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  1. Those are awfully high temperatures for a CPU, it definitely shouldn't be starting in the mid 60's - as an aside, did you take that while idle or a few moments after you started the game?

    I'm also assuming that the temperature readings you give from the motherboard are as follows;
    TMPIN0 - 31, 74, 76
    TMPIN1 - 34, 81, 85
    TMPIN2 - 35, 87, 93
    and that they escalate from the base 30's temps up to the higher ones following the start of a game.

    Due to the CPU temperature and your mention of low case circulation I'd advise you in resetting the CPU heatsink, completely cleaning off any residual thermal paste (you can find things like TIM cleaner rather easily, usually citrus or alcohol based solutions for getting it off easily) and reapplying with new thermal paste, I'd advise using a thermal paste that's good for dealing with higher temperatures such as MX2 or Arctic Silver (MX2 tends to be cheaper and comes in larger syringes which are helpfully marked for applying the right amount).
    If you don't know how to apply thermal paste properly you can follow
    This guide for a good way to apply thermal paste to your CPU.
    Make sure your heatsink sits firmly ontop of the CPU and secure it using the provided latch system (you may hear a light 'crunch' like sound, it's not crushing your CPU so long as it's seated properly in the socket), if in doubt follow a guide (usually easy to find in the motherboard/CPU manuals).

    Now, the case issue is one that obviously needs addressing, stock coolers suck at the best of times so if you don't want to shell out for a whole bunch of fans or a new case then open up the side panel of your case and point a household fan into it at a roughly 30-45 degree angle pointing in and towards the back of the case. Circular fans work well but non-rotating tower fans are (sometimes, not always) better.

    With the fan pointing in, monitor your temps again, if they're normal then you now know it's an airflow problem. You can also try the fan thing before replacing your heatsink and thermal paste if you already know that it's fine, I only mention them for the sake of being thorough.
  2. ^ +1

    You have covered all the bases in detail. I have a feeling that the CPU/heatsink is not seated properly. Re-installing might help.
  3. All of the temps I gave for the CPU HDD and Mobo were all taken during / at the end of games, not while idle. Also, when I gave the Mobo temps, the first degree I give in each set is TMPIN0, second number is IN1, third number is IN2. So with them organized better, TMPIN0 went from 31 to 34 and to 35 degrees while playing extensively, TMPIN1 went from 74 to 81 to 87, and TMPIN2 went from 76 to 85 too 93.

    I know those are high temps, but I don't understand why TMPIN0 is very cool compared to the other two temps. What are the TMPIN temperatures, and why is TMPIN0 very cool?

    Also, let me go ahead and say that his pc has been running fine for over a year now, so would his CPU still have the chance that it isn't seated properly?
  4. Sorry to bump, but I was just hoping to get some more help on this subject. I took the side panel off and it seems to help some, but it still shuts off occasionally. What is the next step?
  5. This is the case he got :

    I just don't understand, I figured if it was an airflow issue, then removing the side panel would fix it :?
  6. hedshotx said:
    Sorry to bump, but I was just hoping to get some more help on this subject. I took the side panel off and it seems to help some, but it still shuts off occasionally. What is the next step?

    Taking the side cover off for experimentation is fine, but when you do this, direct a small table fan blowing air directly at the open side. Now check performance.
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