How to return a mouse??

I was given the Cyborg R.A.T 7 as a gift (couple months before Christmas) and have just now been able to use it with my new gaming rig. I hate it. I was looking to return it for the Razer Deathadder. It was bought from Best Buy, is there any possible way i can put it back in its box with its manuals, papers, plastic etc. (It's just about brand new) and return it in Best Buy? Or is the only way to get rid of it going the Ebay route? I need some help, the Cyborg R.A.T 7 is really not my type of mouse and is awful in my opinion. Also I was't sure where to put this thread?
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  1. EDIT: No receipt due to it being a gift...
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    If it doesn't have a receipt then you probably cant get a refund for it. Because you have no way of proving that the mouse is from them.

    Would try selling it off to a friend first, then Ebay.
  3. ALright thanks for the help
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