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I'm sure this has been asked before, but OC versions of cards are just more expensive bc they've overlocked them for you? Basically its a waste of money to pay 20, 30 or 50 bucks for 100 more Mhz right? I just ordered an XFX 7970 but its the stock speeds. I can overclock it with MSI afterburner or does XFX have its own software? OC'd or not, the card is gonna kick *ss. Just wanted to make sure i shouldn't be moanin and groanin that I didn't purchase the Black Edition (which is surprisingly white btwhttp://img.tomshardware.com/forum/uk/icones/smilies/kaola.gif). Thanks guys!!
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  1. OC versions usually have better cooler then the standard version.
  2. Congratulations, you didn't get caught in the marketing schemes. Seriously, the OC versions are generally over-rated. It's only worth it whenever you get a good deals (as in you pay the same price as the non OC ones) because like RGD said, they get better cooling and/or voltage ratio.

    Depending on how your airflows in your case, you'd be able to achieve the almost (if not the same) OC with stock coolers.
  3. If an OC version is the same price as a stock version you may as well grab the OC version, I got my Gigabyte 670 at release with their windforce cooler and factory OC for the exact same price as other 670's at lower clock speeds.
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