Quick Answer needed!!! buying in 1 hour!

I'm in hurry now, what should i pick?
Intel G860 or i3-2120, and is the ThermalTake 500W good for HD7770.
Here is the link of the PSU http://emmi.rs/napajanja-i-dodatni-ventilatori-napajanje-500w-thermaltake.11.html?productId=19585

I will do mostly gaming so what is the big difference between i3 and G860 in that job? Does extra threads and speed take any advantages??
Please quick answer but good and trusted ones!
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  1. i3 would be better & 500W is fine
  2. I might go with an XFX 450W 80Plus Bronze, for a similar price.
  3. how much better its 30 euros difference and it will be over budget. Will this be good motherboard http://www.msi.com/product/mb/H61M-P20--G3-.html i just need basic stuff thats all. And last do i need more that 1333Mhz Ram? does that help in games and how much?
  4. 1333Mhz should be fine for a budget system. Should only be very minor difference in game. How will you be connecting your monitor? HDMI, DVI, VGA? I'm not too sure on the difference between i3 and G860. i3 would be better for the future.
  5. Probably with HDMI or VGA because i have two monitors and i need to decide. And i3 goes 30 euros over a budget and i can't squezze any more.
  6. What's your full spec, i can see if you can save money anywhere else.
  7. If not, the G860 should be fine
  8. Here's some rough comparisons. Slightly different models, but should help you decide.
  9. Motherboard: H61 M-P20(G3) 4.000
    CPU: Intel G860 @ 3.0GHz 6.700
    GPU: HD7770 Powercolor 1GB DDR5 10.600
    HDD: 500GB Western Digital Blue 7200 5.600
    DVD/RW: Samsung black 1.800
    RAM: 1x4GB 1333MHz Kingston(later more 4GB- ASAP) 1.900
    CASE: Raidmax Hurricane Black 3.300
    PSU: ThermalTake 500W 4.400
    And mouse and keyboard for like 1.000
    All is 39.300 but my budget is 39.550 which leaves me only 2 euros more. 113 - 1 euro
    Oh and is Powercolor good model for the cards? so it don't overheats
  10. Get the i3 if possible. Big thing about the i3 vs pentium, though the i3 is also a dual core, it does have hyperthreading, so it tries to act like a quad core. As games come out that are more multithreaded that should help you.
  11. but its over my budget...
  12. Stick to your budget. The difference is marginal. Perhaps in the future because it's LGA 1155, you could upgrade then. Doesn't look like you can save any money elsewhere.
  13. So i should go for it? I will probably update in like 3 years but just maybe. I play Counter Strike Source, BF Bad Company 2, Grand Theft Auto 4, Minecraft, Call of Duty 8 and that kinda of a not "heavy" games. Btw 2 days ago my mom bought me 107cm TV and Monitor in one, so will i be able to plug it in my new PC which im going to get for like 30 minutes. It has hdmi
  14. Go for it, you can always swap your board and processor later.
  15. I bought PC but instead of G860 i took G645 because i needed to wait 5 days till G860 come. Computer is great working, i'm satisfied for the money i gave but now i have some problem. My monitor is keeping shut downing, its 2-10 seconds on and then restarts by it self and again and again and again. It pissed me off.... what could i do about that? The problem is not in graphic card and my monitor is Acer al1716. Thanks for help.
  16. any ideas? im dying here... need fast help
  17. Plug the monitor into a different computer and a different monitor into your computer to figure out if the problem is with the monitor or the computer.
  18. Yep done that, if i connected Monitor to two PC's and monitor isn't working in any of them.
  19. And if you plug a different monitor into your computer it works? Sounds like you need a new monitor.
  20. New monitor time, after you check that all cables are secure.
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