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Hello, so i think I have chosen a decent setup for a low end build, but I could use a quick view over from someone to make sure it looks ok. I THINK the PSU will be fine, but I am unsure. I am pretty sure it is all compatible and such, but just looking for a bit of advice to be positive. This is a computer that won't ever be upgraded btw, so I don't need to worry about future upgrades.

Thanks for looking!
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  1. Those are all compatible parts and the psu is good enough to power up that system
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    Im guessing this is a low end gaming/family machine?

    I would swap out the graphics card with this one, performs much better at its price point.

    And I would pay the extra $30 for a 1TB HDD. You are getting quadruple the capacity for not even double the price, its likely faster as well.

    The PSU is fine.

    Other than that your all good I think.
  3. Yeah it's for my mother, and the most demanding thing she does is play WoW on a pretty low resolution, so I figured this should be pretty good. She really doesn't use much space at all though, I mean literally none, so I figured I could maybe save a few bucks on a cheaper HDD. I was considering that exact video card too, I will probably go for it now that it's been suggested. Will the PSU still be fine for the Radeon one?
  4. Yes the psu is fine for something like a 7850. Although wow isn't really demanding and a 650ti can run the game just fine
  5. The CX430 is enough for that 7850. Though if you swap to a different 7850 make sure it only has a single 6pin connector on it as your PSU only has that many. Most 7850's only have one, but occasionally there are models with two.
  6. Yeah I was checking and I think it only needs one, so I think I will be good to go.
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