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Hey Guys,

Im a noob trying to build my own computer for architecture, animation and graphics purposes so RHINO, GRASSHOPPER, MAYA, ADOBE SUITE, VRAY, MENTAL RAY, 3DS MAX etc.

I have a flexible budget but here is my pick so far based off what is also available in the indian market. I am still deciding options for some components and have separated by a comma:

_CPU - Intel i7-3820, 3770K, 3930K
_MEMORY - Corsair Dominator 24GB DDR triple channel (this might be just too much so I just might get 16GB instead)
_CHASIS - CoolerMaster Tempest 410 Elite, Antec 600

The rest of the components and parts, optical drives, audio, display etc would be standard.

I am wondering if there are any loopholes that i am unaware of and should pay closer attention to. Is this a good setup for my semi-professional purposes? Are there any compatibility issues I should be looking at. I chose the CPU and the MotherBoard based off the LGA2011 socket compatibility. I was also looking at ASUS Sabertooth and Extreme Rampage MotherBoards but they start getting a bit too pricey.

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  1. The i7-3770K is not a lga2011 processor so must be rmeoved from the list, it's a mainstream lga1155 cpu.
    The lga2011 is quad channel for memory, you're better to swap out that triple channel kit for a 16GB OR 32GB quad channel kit.

    That's the obvious out of the way. I may come back for more.
  2. Thanks Paul,

    Ill look into the quad channel 16GB kit. Most probably Corsair.

    I read somewhere about the compatibility issues with the graphics card and the mother board.

    Would the Quadro 2000 work alright with the DX79TO or DX79SR motherboard?

    Any thoughts?
  3. The short answer is, it should.

    But as I have no experience with the Quattro graphics cards and I generally go for motherboards from other manufacturers, because there are more features on them, I cannot say for sure.

    But, again, I'll say it should. This is because in todays world most of the compatibilty issues come down to drivers and power supply, and I don't see either being a problem here.
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