New computer build crazy slwo ons start up?

So i just built a new computer. i have 8gb of RAM, and the only thing that isnt new is my harddrives. Im running 2 500 gb Harddrives. When i start u the computer the very first screen is an MSI motherboard screen and it stays theres for ATLEAST 5 minutes, then when it passes that it states on the loading windows screen for 2 to 3 minutes. It totally shouldnt be taking this long right? my processor and Mother board are : mother board: MSI 760GM, AMD FX 4100 quad core 3.6Ghz. What could be causing this incredibly slow start up??
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  1. the first issue is something is hanging the mb. as this is a new build start with the mb bios. make sure it up to date a lot of bios patches have cpu and ram code and device bug fixes. if the bios is already near the last rev that out there. check that the hard drives are on the right sata ports. a lot of mb now have 3 party chipsets for sata 6g. in the bios check the sata ports. they should be set to achi mode. not raid or ide. (if there used drives and were running under ide mode you may have to switch the port to ide for your drives to boot right). (if you did not wipe windows off the drive and start fresh).
    if your still hanging then unplug one drive at a time and see if the hangs stop. (dont forget the cd-rom drive). if it still hangs..check the gpu make sure it in the right video slot and card in all the way..same for the ram. the next step is make sure your running just a usb keyboard and mouse. some time it a hub or usb device that can hang a system at post. if it hangs with keyboard and mice then unplug the mouse then the keyboard to see if it a bios issue with your keyboard.
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