New Gameing build.

This is my new gaming build. I plan to game frequently on high settings. Also I plan to overclock the CPU and GPU.

I don't know much about computers but I think this will do. Any advice will be much appreciated.

My budget is £1500 but I don't want to spend any unnecessary money anywhere.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. If you want to oc the cpu, you'll find the asus mobo a disappointment, get either :

    I see the i7-3770k+16GB ram, unless you're into video/image editing, drop to an i5-3570k+8GB ram.
    Also i could swear that i'd seen this thread before.
  2. Exactly what djangoringo said. I would NOT get the 3770k unless you are editing. Yes the i7 name looks cool, but its unnecessary. If you really don't mind spending the money then go for it though :p.
  3. I do plan do some image editing and a little bit of video editing. Sorry I should have mentioned that.
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