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I'm currently upgrading my pc which I custom built over years ago at this stage.I'm replacing nearly every piece of hardware including the motherboard, all I want to keep is my hard drive and disk drive.

I have put connected everything so far and now i'm starting to come across problems..

The usb ports aren't working even though i have them enabled in the bios, the system doesn't seem to recognise the disk drive which is connected ok, i used an ide to sata convertor..

any advice on how to do a new pc build while keeping an old hard drive would be appreciated because things are starting to get messy for me, cheers guys
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  1. Whats your budget? If i were you i would just get a $15 DVD drive lol.
  2. the dvd drive works though, like its has power its just not showing up on the system...
  3. A SATA DVD drive is $15. The drive is problem dead from old age lol.
  4. Yeah, to be honest it's not really worth saving an IDE DVD drive. They're slow, the converters can be bulky, and SATA drives are dirt cheap.
  5. but it opens up and i can put the disk in and after that nothing there has to be some life in it, ill take another look at how i have it connected to the motherboard...what about the usb ports how come they're not working?? the stress of this lol
  6. Just i paid 70 for the ide to sata convertor...stupid i know
  7. Lol you could have bought a Blue ray player with $70. I guess it would work just fine :P. I now know why you wanna keep it and i completely understand now. Do you need help putting together a system? if so just say your budget and i will try and help :P.
  8. ... so return the converter and buy yourself a SATA DVD drive. For that amount of money you could have bought a Bluray drive.
  9. If the tray opens and closes it doesn't mean it works. Just like an elevator, if they open up the doors for it, that doesn't mean it's going to take you up ;).

    Just return it and get a $15 dollar DVD drive. Or a really fancy Blu-Ray drive with the $70 bucks you got back. Either way, both will outperform that inferior IDE device.
  10. thanks for the reply guys, and great example Breadwhistle :) I'm going to bring back the convertor but I don't know if they'll return my bro has a custom build from a few years back aswell so at the moment i'm just going to take his disk drive and i have a spare hard drive that i'm going to use because I think with all the drivers for the old hardware etc.. its just getting too messy to keep it
  11. Most everything seems fine. Except you probably don't need to buy a sound card. Most integrated sound chips are pretty baller nowadays. It'll save you some cash.

    And are you keeping that 8800GTS from your current system or something, because that is an old card... I mean a REALLY old card. It's from 2007. If you are buying new, I'd get at least a GTX 650 (non ti) as is will outperform the 8800GTS for cheap, but keep in mind that this still is a very weak card. Preferably I'd get a 660 or 7870.
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