Linksys gaming adapter wont connect to internet

I've tried so many settings I cant even remember where i left off but one general question will help me troubleshoot to the next step with the wga54g

sometimes the connection shows 'acquring address' but never connects. i've fiddled with things so that i can get the GA to acquire an address but the internet comes through. Also the GA never shows up on the client table.

So is the fact that i can get a network address a good thing or doesnt that necessarily mean i'm 'connected' to the network. Its frustrating to have the G light lite up yet no connection

also at one point i did get the GA to show up in the client table when it was directly connected to the linksys 1200 but when i walked into the room and attached it to the PC, no dice

i've turned off all firewalls temporarily and the 1200 is set on wpa/wp2 mixed. when i tried setting it just to wpa i got a warning then i lost my interenet. i had to reinstall the 1200 again


other misc details in no particular order..just things i've tried

setting MAC and and IP just for the GA.. did a reservation from the 1200 setup screen

sometimes the 1.250 browswer access to the GA turns off, for instance when i change it to automatically DHCP or when i set the IP to 1.112 i lose the ability to get into the setup.

ive tried setting up the IP in the TCP settings of the connection as but is the gateway necessary? i've tried what i believe to be correct gateways of and 192. 168. 254 254 with no success.

when i do have success getting into the GA setup screen and things say 'connected', i still dont have the internet, just the green light on the adapter.

i have this on infrastructure
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  1. in case anyone else has an issue, you cannot use mixed wpa/wpa2 on the router, you need to set it to wpa only. i confirmed this by changing to wpa2 and it died, but when changed back to wpa, it immediately connected again

    also IP and dns are set on auto thru the TCP settings on the connection, no need to set a fixed IP
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