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so i need a gpu without to OC myself that will play baf3 multiplayer (all other games just single player,crysis 2,3 hitman absolution assasins creed) flawlessly on 1080 (if possible high-ultra)....a simple answer is more than enough...just a brand..i'm buying from uk...budget £340 MAX...i'm between 670 and 7970 ghz edition.....

this isn't the first time i write but cant decide because one has no good coolers the other this the other that...i just dont know which one to decide...and i dont care 3D OR PSYNX i dont know what it is...if someone to explain please do....and mostly i want OC!!!
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  1. The 7970 GHz edition would be faster than the GTX 670. And AMD GPUs also overclock better. But both would play those games on max settings fine on 1080p.
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